Retail and Consumer Services


Explore a smorgasbord of African flavor, with each month delivering you a box packed with products hand-packed from
your country of choice (including the Sixth Region, i.e., the diaspora), or a sampling of the products of each nation’s markets. Currently in the conceptual development phase.



Develops and licenses scraping and sales software implemented by St. Anthony’s Supply. Contact us for licensing inquiries.

St. Anthony’s All-Americas Religious Supply

Since 2016, sieving surplus religious supply purchase opportunities and selecting those with high-resalability in a
process reminiscent of panning for gold, using a variety of EbayExpert’s automated techniques to extract arbitrage-ish plays which bring those religious supplies in most demand to eBay and other platforms. To illustrate, there might be a
high demand for specific prayer cards at one place, and a glut available on other sites. We fill that need.

Wavey Wash

Wavey Wash is like Uber and other gig apps, for carwashing, simultaneously solving two needs on the African continent: cheap carwashing, and simple self-employment opportunities. While automated carwashes do exist across African cities of significant size, smaller cities will benefit from cheap, ready, and thorough carwashing. The manual mode of carwashing is already somewhat represented, although automation adds a simplicity which should bring the service within reach of most, and an active directory of manual providers is potentially much more cost-effective for rural coverage than is constructing or even franchising a network of automats. Currently in the conceptual development phase.

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