Reclamation and Recycling


We curate the forest, and bring it to the customer’s doorstep.

Reclaims woodland waste including Pearls of Pine (pinecones), wood disks, and acorns. A majority of the products are hand-selected in the rustic mountains of

We’re always looking for forests, so if you’d like to turn your evergreens into green, give us a call.

Brass recycling

Primarily .40 cal and 9mm casings available. Contact for orders or information on our brass harvesting technologies. We are particularly interested in hearing from gun ranges with an interest in squeezing a bit of cash out of operating their property.

Butt Buddies

Simply enough, Butt Buddies are cans which have been saved from a landfill or recycling plant by being turned into aesthetically appealing ashtrays, i.e., “butt buddies.”

Unlike other “manufacturers”, Butt Buddies has a unique method for rapidly and precisely mass-upcycling cans into ashcans.

Furthermore, Butt Buddies takes custom orders, and maintains a variety of cans representing many of the world’s most beloved beverages.

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