Bead Swapper

While the sale of blessed objects is prohibited, their transfer is allowed (and encouraged, notably St. Mother Teresa would readily offer her rosaries to others). Bead Swapper allows the faithful to maintain their collection of blessed objects, sacramentals, and similar. Furthermore, swapping sacramentals becomes a simple process, and if 501(c)3 status is obtained, free mailers will perhaps be provided. Initially developed as an exploration of’s technology.


Supporting the development of Catholic software, by providing an arsenal of FOSS theological technology and resources, including libraries, events, and publications. A primary sponsor of the Journal of Computational Theology. Funding will be supplied by premium API access and subscription services.

Commercial Coexistence

Encourages collaborative coexistence between believers of all stripes. Consists of a directory of firms, a quality seal, and a number of member services such as group purchasing. Participating ventures must attest as a part of their principles or similar a commitment to either an established Faith and/or to operating as a group of good will in communion with Humanity, Creation, and one’s best understanding of the Creator. Use of our seal indicates a commitment to sustainability (via mandatory indication of recyclability) and the consumer, because fair scales are a glory to the L-rd.


Inspired by the tales of St. Dymphna, patron of the mentally ill (among others), and the town of Gheel, Belgium where she was forced to flee. Residents there have essentially eradicated homelessness through love (see here). Specifically, many open their homes to those in oppressive life situations.

Knowing that most want to help our needy neighbors, but worry about their safety and property, GheelList aims to do the same by background-checking individuals in need of shelter or other assistance and matching them with those able to help. Note that nobody will be turned away from posting a request, though if somebody cannot take or pass a check, they will be matched with somebody willing and able to accommodate accordingly, while if somebody passes with stellar colors some good Samaritans might even feel comfortable offering them a room in their vacation house for a few weeks. An opt-in social credit system will likely be implemented, to incentive neighborly behavior. If successful, the same model can perhaps be extended to other areas, such as job placement.

Check out Samaritan for an app working on a similar problem in #soctech. If you’re in need of housing, Couch Surfing offers an interim solution.

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