Open Source Packages and Projects

Check out our Github, then invent new applications.


A Python package allowing analysis of official tweeting on a topic and/or bill, along with aiming at a subsequent sentiment sieving to determine patterns as a bill’s progress through the winding ways of a selected body is made. Owes a significant debt of gratitude to the Sunlight Foundation and other projects.


A Python package providing back-end and ontological support for various equine applications. Capabilities include stable
management, results scraping, and organism logging. Released as FOSS to support the development of technologies which will benefit horses and other critters.


Built with current gold-standard legal technologies including LegalXML, Gcomply aims to offer at minimum a comprehensive contracting and compliance package facilitating the quick construction of collective ventures in compliance with applicable jurisdictions. A templating system is used to provide
extensability. Free as in both beer and freedom.


Includes central capabilities underpinning Blaster. Has a basic ability to send WOOFS.*

*Yes, the name has been stolen from Dunder-Mifflin. Let them sue. Thanks again Ryan!

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