Entertainment, Gaming, and Media

McLaughlin Gaming Group

Maintains equity in, and provides services to, a number of developed gaming-related ventures. Also incubates incipient gaming ventures.

Dice Gaming Technologies

Since 2017 Dice Gaming Technologies has worked to develop thrilling electronic experiences involving dice, and given the opacity of slot gaming design and engineering, to document such along the way.


An innovative approach to Islamic jurisprudence allows an opportunity to provide the thrill of gaming to devout Muslims while ensuring truth to conscience. For example, with Boxer Jockey, rather than betting, per se, participants pool to support their fighter of choice helping raise funds. Successful fighters share their proceeds with their patronage pool. Boxer Jockey is currently awaiting approval and consensus from Islamic authorities. Existing halal gaming opportunities such as camel racing may also be developed for an English-speaking audience.

Scratch Savvy

An app and related ventures providing analysis of instant lotteries around the world, similar to that of The Vermont Player. However, once completed Scratch Savvy will also allow users to track their lotto wins and spending, quickly identify optimal tickets at a retail display, scan and scratch certain tickets, find the closest retailer, and more.


A web app which helps facilitate the syndication of racing horses. It would be correct to interpret Syndicator as being the zero-commission app of thoroughbreds, bringing the joy of horse ownership to the masses. Currently under development.

The Vermont Player

Utilizes a quirk of the Vermont Lottery’s available data and the state’s small size to perhaps slightly improve odds in instant lottery games given following of the system. Subscriptions are available for sale on the Vermont Player site, although absolutely no claims are now made (i.e., not even that might work or even remain available for that matter), awaiting the result of a more extensive series of Wilson statistical confidence tests to validate the usefulness of the data, and if possible collaboration with the Vermont Lottery Commission to ensure continued availability. Should soon be available as a printed newsletter in a store near you, with the latest gaming news pertaining to Vermont.

McLaughlin Media Management

Providing booking, consultation, and management services to numerous artists.

McLaughlin Productions

Developing a variety of television programs including Girls from College!

Rapping Robotics

Since 2018, rapping robotics has analyzed and generated top-tier lyrical content, with a focus on rap, R&B, and similarly syncopated and poetic musical genres. All projects are in limited development, awaiting better data sources.

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