Concerned Capitalism

City Sounds

Helping street performers help themselves. A portion of our proceeds will go to develop a musical library of resources and instruments, in honor of Sean Blake, a young man whose heroic organ donation has saved numerous lives, who supported street music, and who pursued producing music vociferously. If you’re a street performer and are interested in selling an album, contact us please.

DoneFast Capitalist Collective

Aims to be a family business for those without the family for a family business. Provides contract opportunities and factotum services, skilled and general, throughout the Burlington area and online. Employee-ownership/sharing, with a fee for maintaining the collective and billing services added to the invoices and distributed to active members, and an ability to provide consulting services with payment in equity enabling a broad customer base. Franchised or distributed versions using CrowdServant technologies are under consideration.

Flowers of Love

Originally hatched in 2016, around the time of development of Heavenly Handicrafts, Flowers of Love aims to encourage entrepreneurship in the unhoused by providing kits to hawk flowers and earn profits.

Heavenly Handicrafts

Provides the unhoused with a means of earning cash through crafting. Encourages innovation and personalized products. Also able to provide incubation advice to incipient independent ventures.

Technology & Theology

Licenses and sells theological tools.

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