Provides a central place to view and analyze data from takeouts across many cloud services, including in a chronological format if desired. This provides the user with an autobiography they’ve already written. Will perhaps include an ability to amend / annotate data, e.g., to add a memory about a time that played a song on Spotify. Still needs the ability to pull current data, due to API limitations, although a dashboard and search engine are certainly possibilities as workarounds pop up. Ultimately, we aim to provide comprehensive cross-coverage across data dimensions, e.g., time and account/persona/page, extracting essential information and hiding metadata to provide a clean, human-readable report of one’s online and offline digital footprint, facilitating fast retrieval of all available information.


Enables the user to contact a given contact across a full spectrum—a full spectrum communications tool. For example, one can send an email, place a recorded call, send social messages, post some posts, and print a warm, colorful
mailer—for hundreds of thousands at once, with personalized aleatoric content, from the desired accounts for the Blast!
Current version includes templating features. Family/Friends Platform

Aims to monetize by providing templated family office services, reducing cost dramatically, bringing the luxury of a home office to the mass market. Extensive is the concept of family governance, which also lends itself to implementing sometimes arcane processes, and automated technology greatly simplifies the whole shebang, providing great results at an affordable rate, which with economies of scale incentives all families to adopt or interface with our protocols.

Example services include:

  • membership discounts,
  • group purchasing,
  • household/compound management,
  • insurance planning,
  • property sharing,
  • genealogical and historical services,
  • event planning,
  • …and more.

Read Stuff Learn Vocab Sound Smarter

A simple tool to help capture and memorize vocabulary from everyday readings. Currently in early and passive development.

Sanctifier API Access

Sanctifier takes a prayer and returns relevant Saints. An early implementation can be seen in the Sancta Web App. Free for limited and qualified usage, pending approval of and other data sources.

Screenshot Sorter

The name explains the purpose. Finding that one screenshot is a hassle for everybody, and Screenshot Sorter hopes to become the premier solution.

Snippets Automator Script

Helpful tool for OS X / MacOS to gather snippets (including metadata) from applications and Safari. Works in most apps. Available for $4.99, or free if you have a need. Email to obtain.

The next release will include a simple script to generate a bibliography from a group of snippets. Current customers can upgrade for free.

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