Archived Projects

Canis Marketing

Door-to-door marketing distributor for the Burlington area. Shuttered around 2009.


CrowdServant envisioned a world where work can easily be traded in a just and equitable way, with a credit-currency concept vaguely similar to crypto, just based on work performed and crowd verification/reputation rather than computer mining. Operational prototypes probably available upon request for academic purposes (probably, because stored somewhere in archives). While work may resume, and some commercial applications of the concept remain in development and use, most active development for deployment has been postponed post-2012.

Dorm Daters

Until 2011, developed then-visionary matchmaking technologies, including virtual dates. Provided verification of the university student status of members to solve safety concerns and facilitate finding love online. Furthermore, allowed one to narrow down their potential mates by dorm, for those who’d rather look close to home.

Idealized Web Design

Provided web development and consultation to Vermont nonprofits. While we provide these services currently, this is independent of the former firm.

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