Agriculture and Food

Flying Fried

Artistry with oil and breading

A healthier late-night option, Flying Fried is a pop-up restaurant appearing at bars, parties, and nightclubs in New England by providing the venue with profit and patrons with dishes made from a variety of oil and breading, or otherwise reminiscent of deep-fried culture, which are primarily Kosher pareve, Halal, and vegan. Gliders = wings, without the cruelty, and extra pounds.
If you’re interested in our catering or collaborations, please contact us at If possible, allow a month’s notice.

OK Coffee

Simply, slavery-free $1 coffee.

Vermont Vintners

Producing a variety of fermented products, obviously including wines, ciders, and even beers; our signature product, however, is our delectable and rich Vermont maple mead. Oh, and do try our cran-cider!

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