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Hi there! Gaffney Labs is by day a simple company nestled in the Green Mountains, by night a caffeinated cave, and always a thriving hub of innovation. Our primary purpose is research, development, and incubating nascent ventures. Our motto is “do the right thing, and good things happen.” Our principles include sustainability and ethical forethought.

Domains developed (if not disrupted) have included: vegan agriculture and food, design and fashion, gaming and media, reclamation and recycling, retail and consumer, and of course, computing. We can also provide consultation. We offer convenient customer support, in case you need more than what’s in our wiki. Learn about our talent here.

As a service to our communities and in commitment to our values, we also publish a number of open journals, support concerned capitalism, and maintain various open source packages and philanthropic projects.

…Here’s what’s been said about our efforts:

“Gaffney Labs has been extremely helpful with our musical success, and I highly recommend their marketing and management services, as well as their lyrical development consultation.”

We welcome you to get involved. Please explore available careers, consider contributing, or send us an investment inquiry. We also welcome chances to collaborate with you–oh, and remember to subscribe!
Enjoy your exploration. Be sure to SHOP and get gift cards!

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