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Gaffney Garlic Growers

Wormie Worm Farms

Design and Fashion

Home of the 2020 Series
#bernface #trumpye2020

Flying Fried Logo, Artistry with Oil and Breading
Flying Fried
A pop-up restaurant serving bars, parties, and nightclubs in New England by providing the club with profit and customers with dishes made from a variety of oil and breading, or otherwise reminiscent of deep-fried culture, which are primarily Kosher pareve, Halal, and vegan.

OK Coffee

McLaughlin Gaming Group Logo
McLaughlin Gaming Group
Boxer Jockey
Boxer Jockey

Logo of Dice Gaming Technologies Dice Gaming Technologies
Since 2017,

Scratch Savvy

Media and Entertainment
McLaughlin Media Management
Providing booking, consultation, and management services to a variety of artists.

Developing a variety of programs including Girls from College and Who'll be Bae? [A/B TEST W/ WHO IS BAE]

Rapping Robotics
Since 2018,

Pinecone sales
Brass recycling
Butt buddies upcycled can ashtrays

Retail & Consumer Services
Explore a smorgasbord of African flavor, with each month delivering you a box packed with products hand-packed from your country of choice (including the Sixth Region), or a sampling of the products of each nation's market.

Wavey Wash


Open Journals
The Journal of Computational Theology
Providing a platform for publication of research involving the intersection of automata, mathematics, religion, spirituality, theology, and related matters, with a primary perspective faithful to orthodox Catholic teachings enabling a focus of review encompassing most major and minor traditions, bringing modern techniques to ancient understanding.

Open Source
A Python package providing back-end and ontological support for various equine applications. Capabilities include stable management, results scraping, and organism logging. Released as FOSS to support the development of technologies which will benefit horses and other critters.

Built with current gold-standard legal technologies including LegalXML, Gcomply aims to offer at minimum a comprehensive contracting and compliance package facilitating the quick construction of collective ventures in compliance with applicable jurisdictions. A templating system is used to provide extensability. Free as in both beer and freedom.

A Python package allowing analysis of official tweeting on a topic and/or bill, along with aiming at a subsequent sentiment sieving to determine patterns as a bill's progress through the winding ways of a selected body is made. Owes a significant debt of gratitude to the Sunlight Foundation and other projects.



Chittenden Conservatives
A thinktank encouraging contributors who will engage in a return to true conservatism—compassionate fiscal prudence, strong social fiber, and the promotion of liberty, love, and justice for all of Creation. Aims to offer scholarship subsidies to conservatives constrained by surrounding political climate.

Concerned Capitalism
DoneFast Capitalist Collective

Flowers of Love
Originally hatched in 2016, around the time of development of Heavenly Handicrafts, ...

Heavenly Handicrafts

Technology & Theology

Supporting the development of Catholic software, by providing an arsenal of FOSS theological technology and resources, including libraries, events, and publications. A primary sponsor of the Journal of Computational Theology. Funding will be supplied by premium API access.

Spin-off name?

Archived / Suspended Projects

CrowdServant envisions a world where work can easily be traded in a just and equitable way, with a credit-currency concept vaguely similar to crypto, just based on work performed and crowd verification/reputation rather than computer mining. Operational prototypes available upon request for academic purposes. While work may resume, and some commercial applications of the concept remain in development and use, most active development for deployment has been postponed.

Dorm Daters

General Operational Principles

Clean facilities
Happy workers, with employee ownership
Affordable options and extensive philanthropy through minimal overhead.

Michael Gaffney
Burlington, VT  #BTV
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